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Unified District Information System for Education



U-DISE Software and updates

Data Status 2015-16  
Sample Certificate U-DISE 2015-16 (to be printed only from U-DISE Reporter Module)  

Data Capture Format - 2015-16 - PDF Format  
Module Name Destination Folder Modified on Instructions Link
DISE Setup CD C:\U-DISE 20 Oct. 2013 DISE Installation (Setup) Files

DB. Organization U-DISE\DISEASST\ORGNISER   Db. Organization Module


01 Feb. 2016

School Database - Print DCF, Data Entry, Inconsistency


What's New : Done all the changes discussed in the Regional/State level workshops till date.

Added Marking of Schools with Vocational Education. Added new consistency checks related with Vocational data.

Added Cluster wise Data Management Utility.

Added Quick Access Bar.

Now you can search Teachers by teacher name while data entry

Now you can transfer data pertaining to Vocational Education from/to block/district/state.

Now you can detach entities like clusters, habitations etc. from school.

School Name modification by double click on School Name while Data Entry

Modified Data Entry Module for year 2015-16,

Fully functional SEMI-ONLINE mode of U-DISE,

Create Unique U-DISE Code Facility added,

Improved validations and checks during data entry,

Data entry of DCF for Vocational Education (for Secondary and Hr. Secondary schools/sections),

Improved Data Management Utility with provision of transferring the data village and school wise too

    11 Dec. 2015

School Database Images (used for Printing DCF)

Export/Import utility C:\DISE2001\DISEXPRT

26 Dec. 2013

Export/Import - Independent of Oracle Version


Blank Database


05 Feb. 2016

School, Enrolment, Teacher, Crosstab Reports

    What's New

Updated Certificate 2015-16. Added Vocational Reports. Added Report no 79, 50 to 56 in consistency checks and report no 99 in School pan and improved Crosstab Reports with description of columns like School Category, Management etc. and list of operational schools with Unique U-DISE code


Video and Multimedia resources


U-DISE 2014-15 Management Issues

by Prof. Arun C. Mehta


Part I

  Part II   View
U-DISE 2014-15 Technical Issues Video Conferencing by Naveen Bhatia View
U-DISE DCF 2014-15 - Part 1 Video Tutorial by Naveen Bhatia View
U-DISE DCF 2014-15 - Part 2 Video Tutorial by Naveen Bhatia View
U-DISE DCF 2014-15 - Part 3 Video Tutorial by Naveen Bhatia View
  U-DISE DCF 2014-15 Orientation Video Conferencing by Naveen Bhatia View

U-DISE Data Capture Format (DCF) and Documentation

  Data Capture Format - 2015-16     PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2014-15  

DCF Description

  PDF Format

Guidelines for filling up of DCF 2014-15

  PDF Format

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DISE

  PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2013-14       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2012-13  

DCF Description

  PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2011-12       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2010-11       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2009-10     PDF Format

State Sample

DCF (MP-Hindi)-2015-15

    PDF Format

Guidelines (MP-Hindi)-2015-16

    PDF Format
  Performing data entery using Client Server Architecture/networking/multiple machines with one server PDF Format
  Population Information Schedule   Word Document    
  DCF Instruction Manual   Word Document   PDF Format
  Starting Oracle8i   Word Document  

PDF Format


Features of DISE2001 Rel. 2.0   Word Document   PDF Format
  Creating Connect String   Word Document   PDF Format
  Export/Import Utility Document   Word Document

PDF Format

How to Export/Import data into/from DUMP (dmp) file

  Procedure to Start and Stop TNS Listener in Oracle

  Mandatory certificate for DISE Data (2013-14) submission

  Infrastructure required for implementing Online DISE from year 2014-15

  Suggestive specifications of server required for processing data at state level


Procedure to Implement U-DISE (for State Users only)

  Type of DCF which can be printed from DISE software

  Roadmap for implementation of Unified District Information System for Education


U-DISE Workshops


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U-DISE Data status

  Data Status 2015-16      
  Data Status 2014-15        
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  Data Status 2012-1 3        

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